I Love Showing People How Beautiful They Are!

I specialize in crafting images with that immediately establish connection and relationship These are images that are crafted with Light  As I say, I sculpt with light.  I love showing people a different way of looking at the world and how beautiful it really is!  When you change the way you look at things –things Change and you never see the world the same again. And if we choose, (paraphrasing Gandhi) we can become in our lives that which we choose to experience in the world.

A photograph at its most basic level is simply an abstraction of light and time. A very feeble attempt of the photographer to maintain the past in the present. Since 1839 most of the world has been cataloged in photographs – from pinhole cameras to satellites whirling around the earth. But I believe that photography can also enlarge our sense of the planet. What I have attempted to do is create new poetic, images not simple abstractions of light and time; I want to provoke the viewer into the act of creative imagination. If art is about anything, it is about transformation. It is about changing one state of matter into another. The artist not only can transforms what she saw but the way we look at things.

One of my definition of art and creativity is something that changes the way I see the world and think. Consequently, I will never see the world the same again. I think these are the most real moments in our lives. They are the moments that move us forward.  Because not only do we change the way we see the world - we are changed.

Many people ask me what my photographs are “of”.  I spontaneously reply, “If you buy it - I’ll tell you.” However I quickly follow with, “But you may be disappointed because what you have already imagined, is probably far better than what I saw.”  Instead, I invite you to look through the view finder and step into the creative process along with me.  I really try to do is give you the experience and surprise that I had when I took the shot. I want you to have the same involvement that I experienced when I first saw the print - turning it on its end and upside down and finding more than I guessed was there when I looked through the view finder and pressed the shutter with a prayer. I want you to step into the creative process unleashing your imagination and create along with me. Allow the image to provoke your imagination.

Photo Credit: Ellen Jaskol - Colorado View Magazine